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Twenty years before the initial "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change", records show world governments and multinational corporations were aware of research findings indicating the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere had grown too large for our planet's natural rehabilitative systems to process. Most greenhouse gasses, like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) require thousands of years to be processed by Earth's systems. At present, even if we were to halt all GHG emissions immediately, our warming trajectory would still push our planetary ecology beyond the "Anthropocene Catastrophic Extinction Boundary" - at about 450 part per million atmospheric carbon which will be reached in the mid-2030s. At that point, geologic records indicate, the Earth will have "lock-into a new normal" incompatible with the continued survival of most species of life now existing in our planets biosphere. Indicators of this shift to this new normal are already in progress and include:

• The slowing and redirection of ocean currents which distribute heat around the planet.

• The melting of ice and permafrost at both poles.

• The release of vast stores of methane from beneath melting permafrost and ice.

• Vastly worsening insect borne disease vectors and increasing prevalence and intensity of viral and other diseases.

• Reduced or destroyed animal species and habitats.

• Emergence of new soil microbes which have begun to release increasing amounts of stored carbon from the ground.

• A fatal breech between plants and pollinators.

• Altered weather patterns leading to loss of life and costly infrastructure damage.

Additionally, because of the interconnectedness of our natural world, Simple Global Warming is in the process of giving way to Complex Global Warming - that is, from isolated and gradually intensifying events to exponentially expanding feedback loops. For example: Unable to escape Earth’s greenhouse-gas-saturated atmosphere, radiative heat is warming our oceans--leading to the melting of polar ice and permafrost--causing the release of massive stores of methane--leading to acidification of oceans and disruption and currents--causing altered weather patterns--leading to enduring droughts triggering wildfires (and flooding) leading to crop failures--triggering the birth of novel carbon-releasing soil microbes-- causing the release of massive carbon stores from soil--leading to mass human and animal migrations--which in turn overwhelm the ability of governments to respond causing social unrest, territorial wars, aberrant human behavior--and so on.

These feedback loops are exponentially foreshortening the time available to resolve the Climate Emergency. This is probably why scientists have consistently underestimated the magnitude and speed of global warming induced climate disruption. As nature cannot be viewed as isolated parts, linear projections of the progression of Climate Change are and will be inaccurate.

For all these reasons, hopes that shifting to renewable energy and other sustainability practices combined with mitigation and adaptation to climate disruption are ultimately fruitless. More critically, they are creating a lethal distraction and wasting resources and time we urgently require for making repairs to our atmosphere. Similarly, “adaptation” to Climate Change is possible only on a very short-term basis and is a losing scenario. We must instead actively support nature in recovering from the damages we have artificially inflicted. We must actively remove emissions through artificial means, or perish within this century.

This is our children's hope for restoring a future and it lies not in their hands, but in ours! A child has already been born who has arrived too late to play a role in preventing humankind from crossing the anthropocene extinction boundary. Funding and decision making currently directed toward adaptation and mitigation must be refocused on Climate Engineering.

Within months, climate engineering could reverse Global Warming using relatively non-invasive regional polar peroxide misting (a form of Solar Radiation Management, or SRM). However, this would leave the unresolved problem of Greenhouse Gas accumulation in the atmosphere and the corporate, governmental and social policies underlying this phenomenon. Moreover, it is a virtual impossibility to obtain the cooperation of factional governments and industries in such a massive, coordinated effort.

The Climate Deadline Alliance was organized to support the development of a second type of Climate Engineering technologies - Direct Air Carbon Capture. This technology also already exists and is ready to deploy - the problem is discovering how to focus the collective energies of the world on this task. We must seek and implement peaceful, non-violent and innovative methods of insuring DACC is deployed on a global scale through the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, or other organizations with the ability to influence climate engineering on a global scale.


(1) Provides education and information regarding the Climate Emergency declared by the United Nations (2019), 

(2) Works actively toward the rapid deployment of Direct Air Carbon Capture and 

(3) Supports the development of political and corporate structures which will allow human beings to live sustainably in cooperation with our planet's natural systems and one another.

Our current effort has already begun with the filing of a Complaint with the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The ICC has jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Like nuclear power, carbon has primarily been found in the energy sector. However, carbon has been used militarily as a chemical weapon of mass destruction. Like most other nations with a fossil fuel-based energy grid, Canada has for over a century been releasing billions of tons of the WMD carbon into the atmosphere of neighboring countries directly contributing to the deaths of 200-300,000 people each year. This fits all the ICC criteria for multi-genocide - or more accurately Omnicide – a Crime Against Humanity. Canada is also the leader in developing carbon countermeasures in the form of Direct Air Carbon Capture. We must convince the Prosecutors Office at the International Criminal Court to advance a case for Omnicide against the Government of Canada. The only possible reparation for this crime is to deploy Direct Air Carbon Capture. This is a very costly penalty and Canada may seek to share its burden of guilt with other top carbon emitting countries who also have the capability of deploying Direct Air Carbon Capture countermeasures.

Please join the alliance by:

(1) Sending a letter, or email of support to the ICC with a copy to us and

(2) Joining the Meet-up group we just started for this purpose – You can find the group at:


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