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Without a livable atmosphere our society cannot survive or advance. Any elected official who does not have climate disruption as the FIRST priority has not read the research, does not know what we are facing or simply doesn't care enough to learn the facts.  My administration will promote the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. The safest and most effective methodology for doing so is outlined below. The Governors Office will offer free presentations to schools, organizations communities and businesses to foster understanding and effective implementation of climate repair.

Climate change, driven by human-caused atmospheric pollution now equal to exploding 400,000 WWII-era atomic bombs every day 365 days per year, is now threatening the existence of humankind. The preponderance of scientific research indicates, if we do not remove a century’s worth of excess CO2, longer-term measures such as shifting to wind and solar energy, recycling, and re-forestation will all be swept away while we helplessly watch - just as they were recently in Puerto Rico. 

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has now stated this “Climate Engineering” is necessary if we are to avoid an escalating collapse of the ecological systems which foster human life on our planet. If current levels of carbon are left even at their present levels, by the mid-2030s we will pass critical “tipping levels” and the linear increase in climate-related problems we are now experiencing will become exponential. We will be on an irreversible course and find ourselves overwhelmed by fires, droughts, flooding, famine, mass migrations and political instability. We will no longer have the resources to stop the escalation.

Now before you get too upset, we are not talking about the End of the World – only the end of one of the civilizations that have flourished on Planet Earth. There have been many civilizations on our planet that lasted thousands of years and then – due to climate change or some other intervening force – faded out of the picture. The Indus Valley Civilization in what is now Pakistan, The Khmer Empire in Cambodia, The Anasazi in what is now New Mexico, The Olmec Civilization in Mexico, The Cahokia in Illinois, The Mycenaean Civilization in Greece, The Moche Civilization in Peru, The Clovis Culture right here in Arizona. Civilizations do end – it’s not only possible, it has happened many times on this planet. It's just more personal this time - because it's us on the chopping block.

Climate Engineering is not new. For over a century we have been doing negative climate engineering – dumping billions of tons of carbon, methane, fluorocarbons and other toxic waste products into the atmosphere. Now we have no choice but to do some positive Climate Engineering. There are several plans developed for restoring our atmospheric balance, unfortunately many are unsafe and impractical. There is one plan which seems the safest and most effective which utilizes the natural process of carbon drawdown and sequestering performed by deep-sea EHUX algae. By simply enhancing this procedure use of liquidC02 boil off from CCS (carbon capture) at coal and fossil pollution sites (not by using iron supplementation) we can actually capture CO2 fast enough to restore a normal 280 ppm of atmospheric carbon by 2075 - and cool the planet using secondary EHUX reflectance characteristics well before that. Implemented soon, an algae-based carbon removal can cumulatively capture and safely sink 500 billion metric tons of atmospheric CO2 into deep oceans where it will remain for thousands of years in non-life sustaining mid-latitude seas. (Recurrent blooming, sealed sterile nurseries and location in oligotrophic mid-latitude open oceans resolve historical problems with EHUX carbon-drawdown utilization.) In addition, use of liquid C02 boil off will incentivize those industries to promote rather than block - creating new jobs and contributing to world economy.

Many of us are immobilized by various levels of denial or “climate shock”. Some mistakenly believe we have decades or centuries to delay. Some have put the cart before the horse focusing on long-term measures such as sustainable energy or various plans for carbon emissions regulation. Unfortunately, we ignored the warnings 40 years ago and lost our chance to avert disaster by shifting to sustainable energy sources. A clear-headed reading of the research makes it obvious that everything else we are doing on climate is irrelevant unless, in less than 20 years, we mobilize a massive effort to remove carbon already in the atmosphere. This administration will encourage Algae Climate Repair through all means possible.

To learn more read our book:  

Climate Deadline 2035: Why We Must Remove Carbon from the Atmosphere by 2035 Using EHUX Sea Algae and Carbon Capture Technology


Note in the chart below, displaying the trajectory of atmospheric carbon accumulation, the “point of no return” is reached sometime in the 2030’s. This is why climate engineering was optional 40 years ago, but now is essential and why we need to act now and act decisively!


Chart: Note trajectory of atmospheric carbon accumulation reaches a “point of no return” sometime in the 2030’s. This is why climate engineering was optional 40 years ago, but now is essential. We need to act now and act decisively! 

Hansen et al. (2008, 2009) warn that crossing the 450 ppm tipping level (A1* in 2029) could lead to irreversible seeding of catastrophic climate impacts. Modeling studies by Cao and Caldeira (2008) imply that a marine die-off would also accelerate when atmospheric CO2 exceeds 450 ppm. Approaching 500 ppm (2038–2042) would further magnify and accelerate catastrophic climate and ocean impacts (Cao and Caldeira 2008; Fry et al. 2016; Hansen et al. 2008; Hansen 2009; and Lovelock 2006).

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