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Climate Change is a threat to human life and it is essential that citizens understand this threat. In particular that:

(1)Moving to sustainable energy sources and reducing pollution and our individual "carbon footprints" WILL NOT stop global warming from reaching critical "tipping levels" in the 2030's. After this point, environmental feedback-loops will exponentially  accelerate climate change making our environment uninhabitable.

(2)We must begin NOW to remove carbon already in our atmosphere via something called Climate Engineering. 

(3)There are several methods of Climate Engineering that can be divided into two categories: Carbon Removal and Solar Reflection. Some of these plans could be dangerous in their design or implementation. They must be chosen carefully, but to not choose is the greatest danger and is equivalent to giving up on human life.

(4)Climate Denial which comes in a variety of forms, is a very powerful force  and is a form of shock affecting us all - though we may not realize it. Climate Denial can prevent us from taking action until it is too late - much like deer react to headlights.

(5)The most effective and safe method of Climate Engineering is Algae Assisted Carbon Capture + Reflection (AACC+R). This plan uses the natural carbon-digesting properties of EHUX sea algae and the natural, bright-white reflectance it creates and then sinks safely to the bottom of mid-latitude oceans (40deg N - 40deg S). In addition, the EHUX algae will be encouraged in their blooming by byproducts of carbon capture(d) from fossil-fuel emitters such as coal-powered energy plants.

Our PowerPoint presentation gives a through overview of the facts and realities of Climate Change, Algae Assisted Carbon Capture + Reflection and the 10 other Special Projects Komor For Governor is promoting. It is ESSENTIAL that you share what you have learned. You may obtain a copy of the PowerPoint for use in presentations to local groups and organizations by following the link below:


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