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Dr. Christian R. Komor

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently validated the underlying basis for my campaign for Arizona Governor in 2018. Unless we reduce atmospheric carbon below 350 parts per million by the mid-2030s the Earth will shift to a “new normal” and climate disruption will transition from linear to an exponential and unstoppable condition referred to as Irreversible Exponentially Synergistic Anthropotoxic Environmental Cascade (IESAEC).

Already ocean currents are slowing, methane stores are being released from disappearing polar ice, disease vectors are altering, species die off is escalating, weather patterns are altering, novel carbon releasing soil microbes are emerging, and a breach is occurring between plants and pollinators. In the 1960s making a full transition to solar, wind and recycling would have been enough to avert the “tipping levels” we will reach in the mid-2030’s at 450ppm atmospheric carbon.

Sustainability may again be relevant several decades from now. In 2019, however, it is too late for sustainability to save us and too early for sustainability to sustain us. Our only option is to remove gigatons of carbon already in the atmosphere and do so in the next 15 years. After training with Al Gore, I was fortunate to work with a group of senior scientists developing a method using EHUX algae (which formed the White Cliffs of Dover) to remove carbon from the atmosphere and oceans. Emiliania huxleyi were designed by nature to remove carbon and can naturally achieve 350ppm safely and efficiently when assisted with liquid nitrogen from carbon capture at fossil fuel burning plants and human effort. Algae Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection is the only existing method for bringing atmospheric carbon levels down to a safe level by the mid-2030’s.

There are several important Constitutional lawsuits already in process asking the United States Government to reduce carbon emissions. These suits, even if successful, will not be sufficient to avoid the climate deadline we are facing in the mid-2030’s. In March 2019 my colleagues and I filed The Climate Lawsuit - a federal suit asking the United States Government to beta-test, operationalize and manage the EHUX algae-based carbon removal program called Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture. This legal action will not be successful without a massive rise in public awareness of the immediacy and finality of the climate change danger we face - and the possibility that exists for rescuing our culture.

(1) It is important for all of us to understand climate change both on the intellectual and personal level. Intellectually the scope of climate change is massive and increasingly fills the news. It includes most elements of our planetary ecology, political and economic and agricultural forces, and many scientific disciplines. This we can read about. On a personal level we must look to our experiences – have you experienced increasingly intense or frequent fires, floods, storms, dust storms? Are you noticing less animals, birds and insects where you live? Have climate-related costs gone up – are you paying more for your water for instance? In Arizona where I live two summers ago planes were unable to take off from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport due to intense heat. Especially for children we must find ways to build awareness that climate change is not just a far-off mathematical problem, but something very real happening to us more and more intensely and frequently.

(2) It's very important to talk with people about climate change. We no longer need to be worried about being laughed at or dismissed. Be aware that people will be reacting to climate change in different ways. Some will be in shock or denial. Some will be angry perhaps at the government or large-scale carbon polluters.

(3) Try and have a positive attitude – yes really! What we want to focus on is not how large and how serious the situation is – although those things are certainly true. The crucial thing to focus on is the very, very short time span (10-20 years) we have to master the problem. It’s like being bitten by a rabid animal. It’s not really a big problem if you get it in gear and take action, get to a doctor and get vaccinated. But if you sit around wasting time your minor inconvenience is going to turn into something deadly. So global warming is really a time problem and our focus needs to be on getting moving.

(4) As individuals we can’t do much with recycling and driving hybrid cars. Those things will be great for later after we have solved the current crisis, but they are actually causing a lot of people to not get moving and do what we need to do now which is push hard and fast for government and industry to mobilize. Since there is already too much carbon (and other greenhouse gasses) in the atmosphere and put in motion Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture (or some even better plan if there is one). Think about the large and rapid mobilization as the United States finally woke up to the danger or World War II. This is the situation we find ourselves in.

(5) So, the kids who are walking out of schools and protesting are the ones who are most on the mark today - not the folks making sure their local restaurant is using paper straws and not plastic or riding their bikes to work. We need people blogging and posting on the internet and getting their club or church to demonstrate in front of city hall and writing their representatives and marching at the headquarters of those companies most responsible for carbon pollution.

And then there is our Climate Lawsuit asking the United States Government to start work on a program like Algae Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection that will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

(1) Start putting The Climate Lawsuit out there in your social circles and on social media today!

(2) Federal lawsuits are hugely expensive, and The Climate Lawsuit will be no exception! Give a talk on what you have learned and collect donations for our legal fund! There is a link for making donations at

(3) Our mission is to spread the word and to do that we need contacts. If you have contacts, please pass them on. We need students, teachers, researchers, philanthropists, investors, entrepreneurs, business people, farmers,

policymakers, engaged citizens, media representatives, celebrities, fossil fuel companies. If you have a church or civic group get us invited to talk.

(4) We need all kinds of other donations for material resources – plane flights to meet with and convince key organizations to get involved; access to a SPAR oil rig platform to perform “proof of concept” tests; funds to purchase seed and nutrients; access to marketing/advertising services.

(10) If you hear a news report (e.g. on flooding somewhere) possibly linked to climate change do some research. If it sounds like there is a legitimate link call the upstream news source and ask them to include mention of The Climate Lawsuit as part of their report. Write a story or letter to the editor yourself! If you need more facts just contact us!

(11) Talk about it! Tell your friends and colleague what you have learned here. We DO NOT have time to be shy or hold back. Imagine your living in the time of WWII – you would talk about it!

(12) Ask a friend in the motion picture industry to start running “shorts” or ads before the main feature outlining The Climate Lawsuit (we can get you all the materials your need!)

13) Promote the book “ClimateDeadline2035” which supports The Climate Lawsuit. Write a review of the book online or in print.

(14) Lobby for funding for Algae Climate Repair. Your Congressperson will ask what that is. This is on opening for you to tell them. Don’t forget the State level where most of the positive action is happening now. Remember politicians like doubt because it can be used to hide behind and not take action. We are certain about the need for and effectiveness of Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture. Politicians want re-election. Make sure they know you won’t vote for them if they do not cooperate.

(15) Join organizations like: Climate Action Council, National Wildlife Foundation, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environment America, Sierra Club and, or visit some organizations online. (If you are in one of these organizations press your leadership to make OACC&R a priority.


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